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Why are we here?

Research shows that 40% of children are afraid of mathematics. Some of these children have parents who believe they have not had the chance to be born mathematicians. They transfer these fears to their children. Other parents fail to respond to their child’s inborn curiosity about meaningful development activities. We should also mention the large number of parents who are consciously teaching their children since the age of 3. Many of these parents choose the Centre For Fun Maths as the place where their child can be introduced to maths for the first time at the age of 4.


Supporting our children in their growth as critically minded and confident people. Developing skills to cope with different situations that will be an important part of the children’s ability to create their own future.

Responding to the children’s needs to discover the world around them by giving them space where they can develop their imagination and creativity, resources to develop their potential and a supportive environment for growth.