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Are you searching for a proven effective teaching program in mathematics from an early age?
Would you like to enhance children motivation and enthusiasm towards mathematics in your living area or educational center?
Looking for a trustworthy partner to give you support in every step?
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Since 2017 the methodology Fun mathematics has been successfully applied in Russian and Romanian in the educational center Academy for children and teens “Prospera” in Kishinev, Romania. http://math.prospera.md/

Galina Lisan

Co-founder of Academy for kids and teens “Prospera”



I met the project “Zabavna Matematika” or “Fun mathematics” during one of the events at the school where my child is studying. There were a lot of visual didactic materials, logic games on their stand, so my son, who is very passionate about mathematics, immediately became interested and got involved in the problem solving. Further, my son visited regular week-end classes in the Center for fun mathematics and each time with great interest told me about the topic of the lesson and various activities. 


At the same time I got also interested to assess the quality of the didactic materials with connection to our educational center – Prospera, where we also pay attention to the quality of the books and notebooks. And I saw how well the materials were made in terms of content and design.


I have been looking for a methodology of teaching mathematics for several years. My idea was that math should not be only about counting, but mathematics should develop attention and imagination so that it would not be boring in the classroom but the children would love mathematics. All of these I could see in the program “Zabavna Matematika. 


Their methodology is very systemic: divided into modules, each module is divided into topics and the topic is presented according to the level of the complexity for each age. After negotiations, it was decided to purchase the program for 5 ages from 4 to 8 years.


The training for teachers was very effective and passed strictly in accordance with the plan. During 3 days the teachers were able to get excited about the program, to present the lessons and start teaching independently just in a month using educational materials for teachers and materials for students.


The methodology of teaching by “Zabavna matematicawas appreciated by the parents as well. It is important that many parents understand the difference between other methods and programs. These are the parents who wish to change boring and uninteresting math classes into exciting and even fun classes that help their children to fall in love with mathematics. For this reason, many children continue to attend our classes year by year.


I highly recommend “Zabavna Matematica” for starting your own business or expanding  the range of your educational programs. We were able to return investments very quickly, so the second year we are getting permanent profit. My experience with “Zabavna Matematica” has been excellent. My team and I are very satisfied with the cooperation with “Zabavna Matematica”, we do appreciate their support and inspiration.


Galina Lisan

Co-founder Academy for kids and teens “Prospera”