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Travelling Fun Maths

The Travelling Fun Math is spreading its light on unfamiliar and distant places in Bulgaria and abroad. The cheerful Fun Mathematicians will surprise children and their parents with our special funny educational events. The target group ranges from 4 to 104 years of age.

We can entertain your public with:

  • A puzzle/rebus stall;
  • A series of workshops.
  • A lecture on “How to turn children’s first encounter with mathematics into an exciting adventure?”
  • Dance Maths.
  • Partner Programmes;

A puzzle/rebus stall

At the stall of the Centre For Fun Maths everyone can find something interesting! Children will be able to measure their math skills and compare them with their friends and parents!

Here you can find math puzzles and riddles, entertaining logic tasks and impossible tasks suitable for children aged over 4 and their parents. Our stall has always been one of the most attractive child corners at festivals and fairs, as it allows children to create their own math art and take it home.

So far, we have had stalls at:

  • Sofia Science Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria (2013 – 2018)
  • Anglo-American School of Sofia, Sofia – 2016
  • Children’s Fair, Sofia (2013 – 2018)
  • National Polytechnic Museum, Sofia – 2015
  • Uzana Polyana Fest – 2014
  • British School of  Sofia – 2015
  • Sea Garden, Burgas – 2015
  • 5th Play With Me International Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2011
  • Maths in the Park, Trieste, Italy 2010

A series of workshops

Practically oriented, the workshops we organise give another insight into the science of mathematics, showing its fascinating and applicable aspects. They consist of a series of classes and funny educational meetings and games, during which children reveal the fascinating side of mathematics and develop their interest in it. The topics are varied and cover different areas of mathematics. The workshops are suitable for children aged 4 to 14.

The workshops could also include larger groups of children, with the largest group we have worked with simultaneously including 230 children aged 7 to 10.

So far, we have organised over 30 workshops at the Family Saturdays in museums, science festivals, teacher classes at municipal and private schools.

Here you can take a look in our catalogue of workshops that we can organise for your class or a group of children.

Here is a list of additional topics that we have prepared for special events, festivals, and family Saturdays in museums:

  • Math Focuses – a Mathematical Magic Show
  • Bee Mathematics
  • Symmetry in Nature
  • Magical forms in nature – Fractals
  • Mathematical Dances
  • Fibonacci numbers
  • The Binary Life of Computers
  • Mr Plus and Mr Minus’s block
  • Numerica and Geometrica in the World of Labyrinths – a theatrical play
  • Bread Mathematics – jointly with Nadezhko Bread House.

Lecture on “How to turn children's first encounter with mathematics into an exciting adventure?”

Why do children grow up with the belief that mathematics is just for the smart lucky ones?

What is the role of the parent in the child’s first encounters with mathematics?

What are the prejudices about the queen of all sciences and how to overcome them?

When is it most effective for the child to start learning mathematics?

The answers to these questions can be found in our presentation on “How to turn children’s first encounter with mathematics into an exciting adventure?”

Here you can listen to a recording of the lecture “2+1 ways for children to rediscover the world through mathematics”.

Dance Maths

The same myth surrounds mathematics and dances – you are either born good at them or you do not have this luck. The truth is that musical, mathematical and physical expression can go hand in hand. We invite children to become dancing mathematician who will immerse themselves in the world of geometry and learn to see three-dimensional bodies through the eyes of their own bodies. The workshop is also useful for teachers because it provides ideas on how to incorporate physical activity and movement into math classes.

Dancing Mathematicians, Sofia Science Festival 2018 – hosts: a Fun Maths team
Dance and Maths, workshop in English for adults and children, Goat Milk Festival, 2017 – host: Svetlana Goranova, 3D Dancing Bodies – activity for Bulgarians and refugees in 163 Chernorizets Hrabar School in Sofia, host: Svetlana Goranova.
Maths and Moves – Svetlana Goranova, Chief Trainer at training for teachers from 6 European countries, Olde Vechte Foundation, 2017

Partner programmes

Architematics – a joint programme with the Children’s Architectural Workshop

Bread Mathematics – a joint programme with the Bread Houses Network

Fun Maths and Bio Games – a joint programme with Bio Games

Adventure Fun Maths – a joint programme with Machirski Sport of Vitosha.