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Birthday parties


The fun math parties are the special gift that can make your child and their friends happy, regardless of the occasion: birthday, name day, family holiday or a company gathering. Your child and your child’s guests will become part of an interesting scenario, they will be put in adventurous situations where they have to use their quick minds and logic in order to solve math challenges (suitable for their age) in the form of logical tasks, riddles and funny questions. The prize is the satisfaction with the creative solution shared with friends.

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Every child’s favourite adventure seen from the prism of fun maths. In order to find the treasure, the children will have to decipher secret messages, solve pirate riddles, read a pirate map, and search for mathematical traces. The search is always worth it – not because of the treasure but because of the emotions and adventure.

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Spy Games

The participants in this funny math event will undergo training in the Secret Agent School – they will learn various methods for coding information and will test their skills in breaking secret codes in order to find out the identity of the secret agent who has infiltrated their party.


We provide: a funny 1.5-hour programme, thematic invitations and souvenirs for the guests and, of course, a mathematical gift for the birthday child. At the end of the party each child will receive a certificate from the host for successfully passing the mission.

What we expect from you: to prepare the food and drinks, as well as bring suitable utensils for them.

Price: BGN 282, VAT included, for 15 children attending; BGN 6 should be paid for each extra child. Every child that attends our activities will receive a 10% discount.

The math party can be held in Russian, English or German. In this case the price is 50% higher.

For information and reservations: phone: 0886 235 813 and e-mail: matematikata.zabavna@gmail.com.

Please, have in mind that reservations should be made at least 10 days before the event.

I would like to thank you for the wonderful birthday party. Both the children and the teacher were very happy with the event. And this is soooo hard to achieve nowadays. It is also a certain proof of a job well done 🙂   

Irena Kostadinova